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Cyprus Investment Program
Limassol Marina properties are eligible for the Cyprus Investment Program, through which eligible applicants can apply for and obtain the Cypriot citizenship. Based on the Program, investors who will invest in Cyprus in eligible investments and meet requirements are outlined below, will be eligible to apply.

Investment in Real Estate:
  • Under the new investment plan, investors can now apply for Cypriot Citizenship through a stand-alone application by investing in a minimum of €2 million excluding VAT in residential real-estate. 
  • The investment must be for the purchase and/or construction, and/or creation of developments such as commercial projects and/or development in the tourism sector and/or any other infrastructure projects. 
  • The spouse of the investor has the right to apply for the citizenship simultaneously with the investor.  The minor children of the investor are entitled to apply for the citizenship after the investor has acquired the Cypriot citizenship.
  • The applicant’s parents are also entitled to apply for the Cypriot citizenship by exception, provided that they own a lifetime residence of at least €500,000 (excluding VAT). The application is submitted after the investor has acquired the Cypriot citizenship.
  • The adult children of an investor are also entitled to apply for their Cyprus citizenship once the investor has acquired the Cypriot citizenship. Adult children are considered financially dependent if they are students up to the age of 28 and are attending an institution of higher education aiming to obtain a diploma or an undergraduate degree or a master’s degree.

Key advantages:
  • Dual citizenship is allowed under Cypriot Law and you do not have to give up your current nationality to receive the Cypriot one, save for any requirements of the home country of the applicant.
  • You do not need to reside in Cyprus prior to or after applying for citizenship.
  • Favourable tax system. 
  • You can travel without a visa to at least 163 countries.
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