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Limassol Marina reopens to the public
Limassol Marina is excited to announce that it will be open to the public once again from 21 May 2020! After an undoubtedly challenging two-month period of closure as a result of COVID-19 legislation, we look forward to welcoming visitors, property owners and yachting customers back to the Marina, and anticipate a wonderful summer season ahead with the reopening of all your favourite stores and dining outlets!
At Limassol Marina, the safety and wellbeing of all guests, shoppers, diners, retailers and employees remain our top priority. With this in mind, the Marina has put in place stringent hygiene measures to ensure an enjoyable experience for all visitors. These precautionary steps will be implemented as follows:
Shops and Retail Stores
Protection measures:
Customers must disinfect their hands before entering and departing a store.
The use of a mask is mandatory for employees and recommended for customers.
The number of people entering the store must be strictly monitored (one person per 8 square meters).
Product testing need to be avoided. If this is not possible, customers must wash their hands with soap and water or antiseptic prior to testing the product.
According to Ministry of Health regulations, the number of people who can enter a store will be listed outside each store.
Necessary distances:
Small stores can only allow one customer at a time to enter (a sign outside the store will need to state this).
In large stores, the maximum number of customers who can enter will be displayed at the entrance. Distances between employees as well as between employees and customers must be maintained. 
If distances cannot be maintained, the Ministry recommends the use of a mask.
Shopkeepers must ensure that the store is kept clean.
On the issue of shop ventilation at regular intervals:
The use of air conditioners should be avoided.
Where necessary, the air conditioning system will be used to introduce fresh air into the space, not recycle the air.
These changes are intended to safeguard public health.
Restaurants and Cafes 
The Ministry has asked all food providing services to provide informational notices to their staff on the possible symptoms of coronavirus and to ask those who show symptoms to stay at home and seek medical advice.
While it is obligatory that the temperature of staff is checked, the Ministry has stated that checking the temperature of customers is optional.
According to the announcement, all cafes, restaurants and bars should place announcements at entrances informing customers of simple protection measures, such as social distancing, good hand washing and disinfection.
The new rules state that in outdoor settings, customers must be two square metres apart, and three square metres apart indoors. The maximum number of people per table is 10.
Employees serving the public are instructed to limit conversation with customers as much as possible, while the use of masks and gloves by all staff is mandatory.
To limit any dangers of the virus spreading through menus, the Ministry recommended that companies have a single-use price menu, or menus placed in visible positions that won’t need to be collected, or even to provide menus electronically. Either way, menus should be disinfected after every use.
Further, all food and beverage service companies must use single use tablecloths and promote contactless transactions to limit the use of cash.
All toilets should be equipped with liquid soap, disposable hand towels and antiseptic alcohol solution. All floor surfaces, counters, cash registers, toilets must be kept clean and disinfected regularly during the day.
Residents and Property Owners
In line with the recent announcements concerning gradual relaxation of the current restriction measures, we are pleased to inform you that our cleaning services, gardening maintenance, swimming pool maintenance, general maintenance and technical works have recommenced at normal capacity since Monday, 4th of May 2020.
Please note that throughout all service provision, all cleaning and maintenance personnel will continue to strictly implement all social distancing and health and safety guidelines in accordance with the World Health Organization and the government of the Republic of Cyprus – with reference to the protection against the spread of COVID-19.
Please also note that as measures are relaxed, and for as long as is deemed necessary for the ongoing protection of public health, Limassol Marina will increase the frequency of disinfection procedures in all communal facilities and related areas including washrooms, elevators, stair wells, and so forth, as well as doors, handles, rails, taps, basins, etc.
Marina Berth Holders 

Concerning the guidelines of Police Authorities regarding the second phase of the relaxation of the Government’s protection measures, the restrictions for the use of boats for local navigation and for pleasure purposes, are lifted from the 21st of May onwards. For vessels capable of accommodating larger numbers of passengers and crew, the restriction remains that a maximum number of 10 people may travel on board.

Navigation remains subject to normal rules and restrictions governing navigation in local waters and all communication procedures should be followed, including submission of a crew list to Marine Police prior to departure, reporting to Limassol Marina on VHF ch12 prior to all departures and arrivals and reporting to Limassol VTS on VHF ch09 to confirm navigation plans in the Port Control Area (all waters surrounding the Commercial Port and anchorage).

Limassol Marina looks forward to seeing you once again and is committed to enforcing the aforesaid important guidelines so that you can enjoy all the Marina has to offer with total peace of mind.
For more information, please visit our website or contact us on +357 25 020 020.
For further clarifications on the hygiene and social distancing regulations in place, please visit any one of the following government sites: 
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