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Visit one of the biggest educational robots
5th – 26th April
One of the biggest educational robots in the world, “ASTRO 1” will be at Limassol Marina from the 5th to 26th of April, available for viewing at the Limassol Marina Square.
Built by Pascal English School Larnaka, the “ASTRO 1” robot is an educational platform that combines robotics and space science to help students build devices with several functionalities. Teachers can also use the platform to integrate material from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth of Cyprus into the robot, and demonstrate to students how theory can be practically applied in problem solving. “ASTRO 1” also functions as a mobile satellite station from which students can receive live videos from the micro-satellites they send into the stratosphere. The robot weighs about 1400 kg, has a perimeter of 10m and a height of 3m. It moves with the help of 24 hydraulic motors and was created after mind mapping sessions with students who participated in the Pascal Space Steam Education programme. The robot’s unique spider-like design allows it to move easily and be placed on any surface using minimal energy.
For more information about the “ASTRO 1” robot, please click here.
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