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Concierge Services
We are here to help you make the most of every moment, on board and on shore. Experience the difference that comes from living on the sea.

One number to serve all your needs: +357 25 020 020. 

Our Limassol Marina Reception is ready to handle all requests by residents, guests and visitors across the apartments, villas and berths. We believe in fulfilment – whether that comes in the form of adventure or relaxation. It is our priority to ensure each experience at Limassol Marina is enhanced for your full appreciation and enjoyment. Our dedicated team is here to offer lifestyle management, for any occasion and at your convenience.

​Reservations & bookings
Dealing with reservations in a friendly and welcoming environment like Cyprus is never an arduous task, particularly when there is a world of opportunities to explore within Limassol Marina itself. You can, however, make them through our team with the local expertise and professional contacts to guarantee your satisfaction. We can speak directly with our tenants or make recommendations on where to go that suit your needs.
• Restaurants
• Cafés
• Bars
• Clubs
• Hotels
• Theatres

There is always somewhere to be, there are always people to visit and there is always business to attend to.
We are here to help you be as time-efficient as possible by managing your tasks for you along the way. Give us a timeframe, an end objective and we will pave the path for you with the best recommendations acquired through our own approved associates.
• Courier service
• Taxi or limousine service
• Airport transfers
• Vehicle hire
• Air tickets
• Private jets
No request is too big or too small. We pride ourselves on meeting your every need.
Management services
Our trained and knowledgeable team of marina and property professionals are here to deal with all requests for the management and maintenance of your home on shore or on board. As part of Limassol Marina, your residence or yacht is of utmost importance to us.
Whether you are looking for a company to undertake some light repair work, in need of a gardener or plumber, enquiring about rentals or trying to make some changes to your space, we can share the load.
• Interior design
• Maintenance
• Cleaning
• Gardening
• Locksmith
• Paint work
• Repair work
Whether this is your house on shore or on board, we can arrange to have it cleaned and prepared for your arrival with any additional requests for provisioning and maintenance. Our buggy service can collect your clothes, towels and bed linen for laundry or dry cleaning and return them prior to your arrival. Bring the trimmings of a hotel to your own home with a single phone call.
• Cleaning services
• Laundry
• Dry cleaning
​Personal services
Your personal time is valuable – if we can help make your stay here easier for you in any way, assistance is always available.
We have the connections and networks to set you up in any area of your life, personal or professional. There is no limit to what can be achieved, all you have to do is ask.
• Personal guide
• Personal security
• Translation services
• Personal shopper
• Secretarial services
• Residence permit or visa
• Legal advice
• Financial consultancy
Spa & fitness club
With our own spa and fitness club at Limassol Marina, your wellbeing is a priority we aspire to uphold throughout the year. Our oasis of tranquillity is just steps away, with a professional team of consultants on hand to nurture your wellness, health, fitness and lifestyle goals. 
Contact us for an optimum way of life or a day of pampering, under the guidance of the very best in the fields of spa, fitness and nutrition.
• Gym
• Fitness classes
• Personal Training
• Fitness and nutrition consultations
• Sauna and steam room
• Outdoor swimming pool
• Hair salon
• Nail salon
• Massages
• Spa treatments
Your health, wellbeing and the ability to enjoy your time with us, is of the essence. We have identified designated specialists available to discuss your needs whenever required. We are here to make the initial introduction with  a pool of highly trusted healthcare professionals.
• Medical treatment
• Private doctors
• Dental care
• Cosmetics
​Special events
Whatever your plans, whoever you need to entertain or impress, we can refer you to the right people to help you be the perfect host. Our experience and broad range of businesses allow us to manoeuvre efficiently under the radar. It’s the small details that make the difference – however small, do not hesitate to contact us to assist you with those special occasions.
• Catering
• Event planner
• Butler service
• Chef
• Floral decorations
• Live music
Here in Cyprus, if there is one thing we value greatly, it’s family. We know how important it is to you that your children are in good hands, happy, healthy and receiving the very best care and education available. We can assist in your choice of schooling, suggest trustworthy individuals to look after, entertain, or educate them in your absence, or offer them a wide range of activities to occupy them during your stay.
• Babysitting
• Nanny service
• Education
• Private schools
• Private tuition
• Sports activities
• Hobbies and classes
• Entertainment
In a world of opportunities, your time at Limassol Marina can be complemented by an array of entertainment choices for a more colourful experience. Whatever tickles your fancy, we can make arrangements for you and your guests that maximise your enjoyment of the destination and give you an insight into the local landscape, history and culture.
• VIP and tailor-made entertainment
• Sports activities
• Exploration trips
• Excursions
• Yacht charter
Yachting services
With 24-hour marina staff and security, comprehensive concierge services, berthing assistance and crew facilities, you will always feel at home at Limassol Marina.
Whatever you may need to repair or maintain your yacht, all you have to do is contact us.
• Fuel station
• Chandlery
• Boatyard
• 100 ton travel lift
• 40 ton trailer
• Slipway
• Helipad
• Buggy service
Across our apartments, villas and berths, we are here to facilitate communication. Each berth has access to fibre optic network providing high speed broadband, high-speed wireless internet, telephone and IPTV. If you have more specific needs just let us know.
• Internet connection
• Telecommunication packages
• SIM cards
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