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Ice Age Show at Limassol Paradox Museum
24th February
Join Limassol Paradox Museum for a paradoxical science show
Embark on an interactive science journey with the Nutty Scientists, a captivating adventure filled with paradoxical twists, mind-blowing experiments, and so much more! Scheduled for 24th February 2024 at 15:00, this event promises an unforgettable experience lasting 55 minutes for the Science Show, followed by an hour-long museum experience. Children will dive into the mystical forest of Merlin the Wizard, assisting our scientists to navigate through incredible challenges with the help of thrilling experiments. 
The young scientists will delve into the fascinating world of science, exploring the remarkable properties of CO2 and the paradoxical behaviour of the amazing Dry Ice. Throughout the show, they will gain insights into scientific concepts such as sublimation, chemical reactions, pressure, density, weight, osmosis, and much more.
What paradoxical mind-blowing experiments will you experience at the “Ice Age Show”?
  • A Dark Mist
  • The High-Pitche Ladle
  • Fill the Bottle
  • Boom!
  • Rising Bubbles
  • A Foam Bath
  • and more..
This Science show is designed to ignite the curiosity of children, regardless of their age, towards scientific subjects in a unique and entertaining manner. The Interactive Show Program guarantees an immersive experience, brimming with interactive and educational activities. It perfectly aligns with the internationally acclaimed pedagogical approach of Nutty Scientists and upholds the educational values of Paradox Museum Limassol.
The show will be held in the English language, and it is recommended for Children Ages: 5+
Enhance your experience by combining the show with a visit to the museum for a fully immersive and enriched adventure.
For more information and to reserve tickets, please visit the museum’s website.

Article release date: 19/02/2024
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