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Fast Entry – Fast Exit

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20th June 2023

New payment system at the covered multi-storey car park at Limassol Marina

As part of Limassol Marina’s ongoing investment into innovative technologies and cutting-edge marina facilities and services, the development will be upgrading its covered multi-storey car park space with a new access system.


Available from 26th June 2023, this advanced, innovative, cash-less, environmentally friendly, and technology-driven system will use number plate recognition to grant access into and out of the car park. Users will benefit from faster, ticket-less entry and exit with no more waiting in queues.


How the new system works:

  1. Approach the barrier to enter the car park.
  2. The system reads your car number plate and opens the barrier automatically.
  3. The system records the time of entry. 
  4. At the end of your visit, drive your car to one of the two exits. 
  5. Tap to pay at the exit with your credit/debit card. 
  6. The barrier will open in just a few seconds. 
  7. You will receive the usual notification on your mobile for the amount charged.

In the case that your car number plate is not readable, a notification will appear on the TV screen in front of you, at the car park entrance during your entry to the car park. To resolve this issue, before you take your car, please visit the security office so you can pay on the spot. We kindly ask that you do not proceed to the exit with your car without visiting the security office, as the gate will not open for you. For any security assistance, please call +357 95 121 208.


For more information, please visit our website, call +357 25 020 020 or email the Limassol Marina team at info@limassolmarina.com.


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