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Joint fire response training exercise

Joint fire response training exercise image


19th March 2024

Ensuring the safety of all visitors, residents, and vessels 

Limassol Marina recently conducted a joint fire response training exercise with the Cyprus Fire Department, highlighting its commitment to the highest-level safety standards across the development.

The exercise, which took place on Tuesday, 12th March, from 08:30 to 11:00, simulated a variety of emergency scenarios to evaluate first response capabilities, equipment usage, arrival procedures, and transit time for the Marina’s dedicated fire truck. The drill was aimed at enhancing preparedness and efficiency in handling any unforeseen incidents swiftly and effectively.

At Limassol Marina, safety is a priority to ensure that every visitor, resident, and vessel is secure and protected at all times. This exercise provided valuable insights into the coordination and cooperation between the Marina’s team and local emergency services, further reinforcing efforts to ensure the safety and security of all stakeholders within the development.


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